Omni157Burl Ives:
Sweet, Sad & Salty
Burl Ives
(31 track CD Anthology Deluxe Edition)

When it comes to Burl Ives, the world has (kind of) got it wrong.

Justifiably renowned as a folk troubadour, yuletide and children’s entertainer, what you may not know is that Burl could drink anybody under the table, possessed a sharp social conscience and a temper like a trooper. Hounded by Senator Joseph McCarthy and his House Un-American Activities Committee, Ives ended up in (of all places) Nashville. Once you hear this disc it all just might make sense.

Craven materialism, alcoholism, polygamy, murder, pornography, psychedelic communes (and more) are all here examined with a jocular tone and a twinkle in Burl’s cheeky eye.

Amassed from his prodigious 1960s and early 1970s Decca/MCA Nashville recordings, forgotten 45s, overlooked album cuts and previously unreleased tracks, is a vivid portrait of an almost unknown Ives.

Deluxe collector’s edition remastered from the original tapes with exclusive liner notes and rare photos.

*Remastered from the original Decca/MCA mastertapes 2012.
*31 track CD. All original recordings.
*20 page full colour booklet with exclusive liner notes and rare photos.
*Rare “45” only and obscure album cuts! Three previously unreleased tracks!
*A whole different Burl Ives!

1. The Almighty Dollar Bill
2. Forty Hour Week
3. Bury The Bottle With Me
4. Mama Don’t Want No Peas, No Rice
5. Lynching Party
6. Who Done It?
7. Lower Forty
8. Time To Bum Again
9. Born For Trouble
10. I’m The Boss
11. Wishin’ She Was Here (Instead Of Me)
12. Hard Luck And Misery
13. Unemployment Check
14. Hobo Jungle
15. The Atlantic Coastal Line
16. Poor Boy In A Rich Man’s Town
17. A Hundred And Twenty Miles From Nowhere
18. That’s All I Can Remember
19. Ninety Nine
20. What You Gonna Do, Leroy?
21. A Little Bitty Tear
22. Lenora, Let Your Hair Hang Down
23. The Long Black Veil
24. Delia
25. Oh, My Side
26. Girlie Magazine
27. Back To Nashville, Tennessee
28. Mean, Mean Man
29. All Aboard
30. The Sixties
31. Mrs. Johnson’s Happiness Emporium

Original Decca/MCA Recordings
Produced by Owen Bradley
Recorded in the Bradley’s Barn Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee 1962-1972.

(P) Originally Recorded 1962-1972. All Rights Reserved By Universal Music (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: David K. Landis for Shake It Loose Graphics
Remastered 2012 by Warren Barnett at Mountain Moss Mastering

All titles licensed courtesy of Universal Music (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
This compilation (P) + (C) The Omni Recording Corporation 2012