Omni150Patrice Sciortino:
Chronoradial (plus extra tracks)
Patrice Sciortino

In the world of sound library and production music French Avant-garde composer Patrice Sciortino is both unique and universal. His astounding late 1960s and early 1970s recordings for the prestigious Musique Pour L’Image and PSI labels receive their first serious reissue and reappraisal here.

Cellos growl and twist with an air evocative of Bernard Hermann, choirs hiss and howl like Alessandro Alessandroni’s ‘I Cantori Moderni’ and the whole thing is as dexterous and playful as Ennio Morricone at his very best. But really Sciortino is his own beast, percussive and jarring one moment, soothing yet unsettling the next.

Reissued for the very first time is his landmark 1970 LP “Chronoradial” plus a swathe of beautiful yet confronting (and incredibly rare) late 1960s French library cuts.

Superbly remastered from the original tapes and presented with exclusive liner notes and rare photos from the composer’s own collection.

*Remastered from the original PSI/MPI mastertapes 2011.
*36 track CD. All original recordings. First Official release on CD ever!
*20 page full colour booklet with exclusive liner notes and rare photos.
*Ultra-rare French production music work-outs that bare comparison to Bernard Herrmann and Ennio Morricone at their best!

1. Vif Archet
2. Forme De Brume
3. Aqualithes
4. Psycho-Plan
5. Jeux Félins
6. Rythmoniric
7. Kuklos I
8. Kuklos II
9. Vibractif
10. Ciel De Cimes
11. Chronoradial
12. L'Eau-Dela
13. Dieu Gange
14. Horizons Roses
15. Alchimie Rythmique
16. Ville Sans Vie
17. Abimes Souterrains
18. Danger Sous Roche
19. Approche Dramatique
20. Hostilité
21. Tumulte
22. Panoptique
23. Marecages
24. Laminoir
25. Zoophonie
26. Forage
27. Geant
28. Griffes
29. Transcontinent
30. Philosophale
31. Architectonique
32. A Trois Taons
33. Fumerolles
34. Paniques
35. Puits Marin
36. Sur Les Pas Du Diable

Tracks 1-14 are from the 12” LP “Patrice Sciortino – Chronoradial” PSI 3035 (1970)
Tracks 15-21 are from the 10” LP “Musique Pour L'Image N° 5” (Various – Espace Et Actualité) 1967
Tracks 22-34 are from the 10” LP "Musique Pour L'Image N° 18" (Patrice Sciortino – Sciences - Industrie – Bestiaire) 1968
Tracks 35-36 are from the 10” LP "Musique Pour L'Image N° 12" (Various – Événements Dramatiques Et Scientifiques) 1967

Original PSI/Musique Pour L’Image Recordings

(P) Originally Recorded 1967-1970. All Rights Reserved By Patrice Sciortino

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: David K. Landis for Shake It Loose Graphics
Remastered 2011 by Warren Barnett at Mountain Moss Mastering

All titles licensed courtesy of Patrice Sciortino