Omni138Dolly Parton:
The Fairest Of Them All / My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner
Dolly Parton
Two original LPs from the Queen of Country Music!

Before Dolly the Pop Icon. Before Dolly the Cultural Phenomenon. There was Dolly the most sublime songwriter and performer of her generation. The evidence is right here. “The Fairest Of Them All” is the greatest Dolly Parton album you’ve never heard, recorded over 1968 and 1969 and never reissued in any form, it is a superb recording from start to finish. From the harrowing psychiatric depths of “Daddy Come And Get Me” and the empowering heights of “Just The Way I Am” to the most moving narrative in the Parton canon, “Down From Dover”.

“Robert” tells of forbidden love, “Chas” of passion that can never be, Dolly is at her creative peak, always breaking new ground. Also included is the 1972 LP “My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner” a fine tribute to her mentor and companion through these years.

Remastered with love and care from the original RCA Victor master tapes, both albums appear for the very first time on CD and are presented in a Deluxe Collector’s edition with exclusive liner notes, unpublished photos and two very rare extra tracks.

*Remastered 2010 from the original RCA Victor master tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 20 page full colour booklet with scholarly liner notes, rare photos, memorabilia etc.
*”The Fairest Of Them All” is considered by many to be Dolly’s greatest ever LP and this is its first ever release on CD!
*23 track CD! All original recordings!

1. Daddy Come And Get Me
2. Chas
3. When Possession Gets Too Strong
4. Before You Make Up Your Mind
5. I'm Doing This For Your Sake
6. But You Loved Me Then
7. Just The Way I Am
8. More Than Their Share
9. Mammie
10. Down From Dover
11. Robert
12. Everything Is Beautiful (In Its Own Way) *
13. Lonely Comin' Down
14. Do You Hear The Robins Sing
15. What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen
16. Bird That Never Flew
17. Comes And Goes
18. Washday Blues
19. When I Sing For Him
20. He Left Me Love
21. Oh He's Everywhere
22. Still On Your Mind
23. Just As Good As Gone #

*previously unreleased
#45 b-side

Tracks 1-11 from the RCA Victor LP “The Fairest Of Them All” LSP-4288 (1970)
Track 12 previously unreleased outtake from the 1969 “The Fairest Of Them All” sessions
Tracks 13-22 from the RCA Victor LP “My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner” LSP-4752 (1972)
Track 23 ‘b-side’ from the ’45’ 74-0757 (1972)

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: David K. Landis for Shake It Loose Graphics
Remastered 2010 by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios