Omni134Various Artists:
Troubled Troubadours
Various Artists
27 tales from the dark and/or strange side of the tracks (1965-1973)!

Lust, murder, alienation, war, depravity and credit cards.

Troubled times demand troubled troubadours. And here they are. 27 tales of misfortune, desperation, woe and just plain high weirdness, delivered by a stellar cast of country music luminaries. First up, Marty Robbins sits us in The Chair, the grizzly, bathetic final resting place of a man about to be electrocuted for his crimes. Next Waylon Jennings takes us to a haunting graveside confessional and then Dolly Parton places her final steps high upon The Bridge. You get the idea.

In that seminal epoch of the late 1960s and 70s, the times were a changin'€™ and it clearly wasn't always for the better. Autocide, infanticide, deicide and the desire to transmigrate into a stuffed toy are just some of the low-lights presented for your masochistic/musical pleasure.

Deluxe remastered collector'€™s edition with exclusive scholarly liner notes and rare photos. Most tracks make their very first appearance on CD.

Look out trouble, here we come...

*Remastered 2010 from the original master tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 28 page full colour booklet with scholarly liner notes, rare photos, memorabilia etc.
*First official release on CD for almost all tracks!
*27 track CD! All original recordings!

1. Marty Robbins - The Chair
2. Waylon Jennings - Delia'€™s Gone
3. Dolly Parton - The Bridge
4. Lorene Mann - Hide My Sin (A.b.o.r.t.i.o.n N.e.w Y.o.r.k)
5. Mark Slade - Are They Gonna Shoot God?
6. Dolly Parton - Daddy Come And Get Me
7. Porter Wagoner - Waldo The Weirdo
8. Bobby Bare - Big Ben Colson
9. Roger Miller - The Animal Of Man
10. Justin Tubb - The Family Way
11. Hank Williams Jr. - No Meaning And No End
12. Justin Tubb - The River Road Mystery
13. Norma Jean - Teddy Bear Song
14. Lawton Williams - Cold, Cold Hands
15. Trooper Jim Foster - Four Chrome Wheels
16. Henson Cargill - Daddy, What'€™s A Tree?
17. Hank Williams Jr. - The Rainmaker
18. Arlene Harden - Congratulations (You Sure Made A Man Out Of Him)
19. Hugh X. Lewis - War Is Hell
20. Autry Inman - The Ballad Of Two Brothers
21. Stonewall Jackson - Push The Panic Button
22. Bobby Bare - Your Credit Card Won'€™t Get You Into Heaven
23. Homer and Jethro - I Crept Into The Crypt and Cried
24. Lester Flatt - I Can'€™t Tell The Boys From The Girls
25. Homer And Jethro - I Couldn'€™t Spell "€œPffft"
26. Roger Miller - Whistle Stop
27. Burl Ives - The Times They Are A Changin'€™

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: David K. Landis for Shake It Loose Graphics
Remastered 2010 by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios