Omni132The Shower Scene From Psycho:
Exploding Hits! (The Complete Recordings 1982-2000)
The Shower Scene From Psycho
Post-Psyche Bubblegum Meltdown! First Time On CD!!!

Championed by luminaries like John Peel etc., The Shower Scene From Psycho are a captivating absurdity. Labouring at the far end of the universe (aka Melbourne, Australia: 1982) their compelling brew of fuzz guitars, virtuosic theremin solos, helium vocals and outbursts of delirious musique concrete noise is a sound unheard before or since. A post-punk re-imagining of 60s bubblegum pop concocted from strategic cover versions and peerless originals that will leave you singing along as your ears melt. Initially focused around deconstructing pervasive pop hits (One, Purple Haze etc.) the band grew into a fascinating beast producing otherworldly eccentric epics (Lost In Spaces, Falling Down To Hell, Candy Machine) and dark humanistic masterpieces (In My Mind).

Deluxe collector's edition 2CD remastered from the original master tapes featuring original artwork and ephemera, exclusive liner notes and 20 astounding previously unreleased tracks!

*Remastered 2009 from the original master tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 28 page full colour booklet with scholarly liner notes, rare photos, memorabilia etc.
*First official release on CD for ALL tracks!
*40 track 2CD! All original recordings!
*First release in the new series 'Real Sick Sounz!' Post-wave tremours from the 80s and beyond!

Disc 1 (80s)
1. One
2. Georgie Girl
3. Turn Up Your Radio
4. The Monster
5. She
6. Purple Haze
7. Cara-lyn
8. Why Me?
9. White Rabbit
10. I Wanna Be Your Dog
11. Dizzy*
12. I'm Into Something Good
13. Sugar Sugar*
14. Barbie*
15. Let's Dance*
16. When Julie Comes Around*
17. Jungles Of The Moon
18. Baby I Love You
19. The Nips Are Getting Bigger*
20. Howzat!

Disc 2 (90s)
1. Lost In Spaces
2. Goin' Out Of My Head
3. You
4. Falling Down To Hell
5. The Earth is Getting Closer To The Sun
6. Candy Machine*
7. Weird Pop*
8. In My Mind*
9. Spicks And Specks*
10. Pretty Good*
11. No Future*
12. In The Picture*
13. Lover's Leap*
14. Lady Jane
15. The Night Of The Hunter*
16. Princess*
17. A Thousand Miles An Hour*
18. Howling At The Moon*
19. Happy Heart*
20. Black Hole Surprise*

*previously unreleased

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: Richard Grant/I+T=R
Remastered 2009 by Simon Grounds (pre-mastering by Francois Tetaz)