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Plantation Gold (58 track 2CD anthology!)
Various Artists
The Mad Genius Of Shelby S. Singleton and Plantation/SSS Records 1967-1976

Nashville. 1967. Something was in the air and things were about to get weird. Enter Shelby S. Singleton Jr., already a music industry veteran, he went independent with his own Plantation label. Singleton wanted to call the shots and follow his own smarts...he did and the result was incredible success and astounding music.

It’s all chronicled here: from the bizarre “Japanese Country” of Tokyo Matsu, the lysergic sitar-drenched bop of Ray “Wong” Riley’s “Happy Valley CIA” and the affecting, philosophical musings of Dee Mullins’ “I Am The Grass” to, of course, the international chart explosion of Jeannie C. Riley’s timeless tirade against hypocrisy “Harper Valley PTA”. A delirious stew of story songs, topical ruminations, exploitation-freakouts and the finest country-pop you’ve never heard!

Deluxe collector’s edition 2CD featuring rare period photos, exclusive scholarly liner notes and incredible sounds remastered direct from the Plantation/SSS vault! Many tracks are previously unissued and almost all have never appeared on CD before. Prepare yourself, you’re about to hear a Nashville you never thought possible.

*The Incredible! Forgotten!! Nashville!!! First Time on CD.
*Remastered 2009 from the original master tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 28 page full colour booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos etc.
*First ever release on CD for 54 tracks!
*58 track CD! All original recordings! Many super- rare and previously unissued tracks!

CD 1

1. I Am The Grass - Dee Mullins
2. Big Fanny - Neil Ray
3. Beautiful Downtown Burbank - The Harper Valley P.T.A
4. Loco Locust - Harlow Wilcox & The Oakies
5. Sold To The Highest Bidder - Johnny Moore and “Col.” Tex Herring
6. The Preacher And The Movie - Lawton Williams
7. Somebody’s Gonna Plow Your Field - Becki Bluefield
8. Ballad Of A Small Town Sheriff - Clark Bentley
9. Happy Valley C.I.A - Ray “Wong” Riley
10. Changing Of The Guard - Happy Shahan
11. Hello, I’m Johnny Credit - Johnny Credit
12. Howard Hughes Is Alive And Well - Sonny Hall
13. I’m The Mail She’s Waiting For - Chuck Wood
14. (I Want To Be) A Truck Driver’s Sweetheart - Marcie Dickerson
15. Mom And Dad’s Waltz - Tokyo Matsu
16. The Baltimore Incident - George Kent
17. D.O.A O.D - Jackie Burns
18. Please Mr Johnson - Dewey Jones
19. Hippie From Mississippi - Rusty Adams
20. Just Blow In His Ear - David Wilkins
21. I Dig Dangling Participles - The Harper Valley P.T.A
22. Honey (I Miss You Too) - Margaret Lewis
23. Long Black Veil - Marty Collins & Bobbye Jean
24. The School Bus - T. Tommy Cutrer
25. The Good Lord Giveth And Uncle Sam Taketh Away - Webb Pierce
26. Folsom Prison Blues - Little Jimmy Dempsey
27. Orange Blossom Special - Tokyo Matsu
28. Harper Valley P.T.A - Jeannie C. Riley

CD 2

1. Let That Big Plane Carry You - Ben Story
2. Big Chief Tell ‘Um Lies - Robin Cody
3. Wake Up America - “C” Company featuring Terry Nelson
4. Groovy Grubworm - Harlow Wilcox & The Oakies
5. Color Him Father - Linda Martell
6. Put A Little Lovin’ On Me - David Wilkins
7. A Woman’s World - Teresa Brewer
8. The Cheating Line - Paul Martin
9. She Hates To Be Alone - David Wilkins
10. Fallen King - Tom Sawyer
11. Ain’t That Bad About Mrs. Jones - Lawton Williams
12. Wheels Of Freedom - Melvin Nash
13. Four On The Floor (And A Fifth Under The Seat) - Trooper Jim Foster
14. C.B Savage - Rod Hart
15. Box 1000 Seagoville - Johnny Credit
16. Child Of Poverty - Paul Martin
17. It’s Not The Best Way To Live - James O’Gwynn
18. Ole Town Drunk - Clark Bentley
19. Loving Hands At Home - George Kent
20. The Medic - Neil Ray
21. The Best Fruit Of The Family Tree - Tom Sawyer
22. Appleton - Webb Pierce
23. No Brass Band - Max Powell
24. Mrs. Cooper’s Tea Party - Margaret Lewis
25. Irving - David Wilkins
26. Ballad Of Morgan - Lawton Williams
27. I Walk The Line - Little Jimmy Dempsey
28. Unfinished Dream - The Harper Valley P.T.A
29. Flag Draped Coffin - Tom Sawyer
30. Tree Of Joy - Jeannie C. Riley

All tracks* Produced by Shelby S. Singleton Jr. for Shelby Singleton International Productions
Recorded at Singleton Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee 1967-1976
Joe Venneri, Recording Engineer Licensed from SSS International/Sun Entertainment Corp.
(P) Sun Entertainment Corp. 1967-1976

Special thanks to Phyllis Hill, James Stewart, John Singleton and Shelby S. Singleton Jr.

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: David K. Landis for Shake It Loose Graphics
Remastered 2009 from the original master tapes by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios