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Sings The Truth +
Malvina Reynolds
Little Boxes as featured on the Hit TV show "Weeds"!

"...the most unique songwriter in the United States, perhaps the world. She refuses to give up on the human race." -- Pete Seeger

Malvina Reynolds walked in no-one's shadow. As a singer and a songwriter she is without comparison, fearless, heartfelt and compelling. Her superb 1967 Columbia album "Sings The Truth" is presented here for the first time on CD. Opening with Malvina’s gentle damnation of the modern era The New Restaurant the album features her aching, tenacious recordings of some of her finest and most renowned compositions, God Bless The Grass, What Have They Done To The Rain and The Magic Penny amongst many others.

Can a song start a revolution?

Malvina's barbed social satire Little Boxes certainly came close. Sung in classrooms across the globe, translated into many languages (slain Chilean folk singer Victor Jara's brilliant Spanish recording is featured here) and still present on the airwaves, Malvina tackles conformity and our cookie-cutter society with startling wit and warmth. Also included are a slew of extras, Malvina speaking about Little Boxes and translating Victor's rewritten version, a later recording of Little Boxes (the definitive rendition in our opinion), a number of arresting unreleased tracks and as a special treat an entire concerts' worth of previously unavailable live recordings. All remastered with love and care from the original master tapes. Smashing the state has never had such an enjoyable soundtrack before!

*Features Malvina's greatest chart and classroom hit "Little Boxes" (in fact three versions!) as featured in the hit TV show "Weeds"!
*Remastered 2008 from the original master tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 24 page full colour booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos etc.
*First release on CD for ALL tracks!
*29 track CD! All original recordings! 12 previously unreleased tracks!!! A special treat for Malvina Reynolds fans this disc contains a wealth of rare and previously unreleased material including a staggering 10 track live concert from Malvina recorded at the height of her acidic/satirical powers!
*Features slain Chilean folk hero Victor Jara's very rare recording of "Little Boxes" in Spanish!

1. The New Restaurant *
2. What's Goin' On Down There *
3. Little Boxes *
4. Battle of Maxton Field *
5. God Bless The Grass *
6. I Don't Mind Failing *
7. What Have They Done To The Rain? *
8. The Devil's Baptizin' *
9. Singing Jesus *
10. The Bloody Neat *
11. Quiet *
12. Love Is Something (The Magic Penny) *
13. Bitter Rain *

14. Las Casitas Del Barrio Alto (Little Boxes) performed by Victor Jara *
15. Malvina's introduction (live) **
16. Malvina reads Victor's version *
17. Little Boxes (45 version)
18. Uneasy Dreams **
19. Patchwork Of Dreams **
20. Malvina's Blues (live) **
21. The World Is So Sick (live) **
22. I Lived Through This Day (live) **
23. If You Love Me (live) **
24. If Peacetime Came (live) **
25. Mailman Blues (live) **
26. The Money Crop (live) **
27. Let Them Eat Cake (live) **
28. The World In Their Pocket (live) **
29. The Little Mouse (live)*

* First time on CD
** Previously Unreleased

all titles written by Malvina Reynolds (Schroder Music Company)

tracks 1-13 originally issued on the Columbia LP (CS-9414) "Sings The Truth" 1967 (Produced by John Hammond)
tracks 14 + 16 originally issued on the Cassandra 45 (CS-53) 1973
track 17 originally issued on the Cassandra 45 (CS-52) 1971
an alternate version of track 29 was originally issued on the Cassandra LP (CR-050) "Mama Lion" 1980

tracks 20-22 recorded live in concert by KPFA 1965
tracks 23 + 28 recorded live in concert by KQED 1967
tracks 25-27 recorded live in concert November 1972
track 29 recorded live at the Bread and Roses Festival 1977

tracks 1-13 licensed from and (P) 1967 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED
tracks 14-29 licensed from Nancy Schimmel and the Estate of Malvina Reynolds

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
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Remastered 2008 by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios