Omni112Malvina Reynolds :
Malvina Reynolds (Remastered with extra tracks)
Malvina Reynolds
The Groovey Grandma of Folk! With The Byrds and The Dillards!!!

"...the most unique songwriter in the United States, perhaps the world. She refuses to give up on the human race." -- Pete Seeger

Best known for the renditions of her fabulous songs that became big hits for other artists - Little Boxes (Pete Seeger), Morningtown Ride (The Seekers), Turnaround (Harry Belafonte), amongst others - Malvina Reynolds was the grooviest grandma to ever strut across the folk singer stage! At the ripe age of 70 (in 1970) she joined forces with members of The Byrds, The Dillards, The Sunshine Company, producer Alex Hassilev (of fabulous folkies The Limeliters) and others to cut her self-titled psyche-protest opus! With a heart of gold and an acid tongue Malvina wraps her creaking, aching voice around paeans to the Black Panther Party (Daddy's In The Jail), the approaching eco-apocalypse and humanity's de-evolution (There'll Come A Time), an imaginary army made up of bankers and diplomats (We Hate To See Them Go), LSD, DDT and other hot topics at the close of the tumultuous 1960s.

Rounding out the collection are a handful of extremely rare 45 only cuts, alternate versions and six astounding previously unreleased tracks. Lovingly remastered from the original tapes, all selections make their first appearance on CD here!

*Remastered 2007 from the original master tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 24 page full colour booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos etc.
*First release on CD for ALL tracks!
*24 track CD! All original recordings! Many rare 45 tracks. Six previously unreleased tracks!!

1. The World's Gone Beautiful
2. Daddy's in the Jail
3. It Isn't Nice
4. Boraxo
5. We Hate to See Them Go
6. There'll Come a Time
7. From Way Up Here
8. The Desert
9. D.D.T.
10. Let It Be
11. Morningtown Ride
12. No Hole in My Head

13. Alcatraz*
14. Like The Miller Grinds The Wheat*
15. The Rand Hymn**
16. Plutonium**
17. Tungsten*
18. Cement Octopus*
19. The Albatross*
20. Buying The Package**
21. Overtime**
22. Nancy Newman**
23. There'll Come a Time (alt)**
24. It Isn't Nice (alt)*

*only issued previously on 45
**previously unreleased