Omni111Norma Jean :
I Guess That Comes From Being Poor / Body And Mind (Remastered with extra tracks)
Norma Jean
Country-concept genius from the proto-Dolly Parton!

If talent and sincerity automatically brought fame then everyone would know her name... Instead today Norma Jean is unjustly considered little more than a footnote in country music history. The fine recordings on offer here tell of a much greater story.
Best known for her on and off stage association with Porter Wagoner and a string of moderate hit singles during the mid 1960s, by 1972 the spotlight had waned for Norma Jean. But 1972 is also the year that Norma recorded her greatest album, the country-concept opus: I Guess That Comes From Being Poor. Derided by some as a Dolly Parton clone, few understood that Norma was doing "Dolly" before Dolly was, not only as Porter's singing and touring partner but also in the style and content of her fine recordings. Lovingly remastered from the original RCA Victor tapes and presented here for the first time on CD is the whole genius of the I Guess That Comes From Being Poor album and also highlights from the excellent Body And Mind and Another Man Loved Me Last Night LPs. Singing from the heart about her own humble beginnings and at times troubled life, Norma Jean delivered stinging tales in a soaring voice and a sugar coating!

*Remastered 2007 from the original RCA Victor tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 20 page full colour booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos etc.
*First release on CD for ALL tracks!

RCA Victor LSP-4745

1. I Guess That Comes From Being Poor
2. Hungry Eyes
3. One's On The Way
4. Life Of A Poor Boy
5. Hundred Dollar Funeral
6. The Lord Must Have Loved The Poor Folks
7. There Won't Be Any Patches In Heaven
8. Po' Folks
9. Old Doc Brown
10. Coat Of Many Colors.

RCA Victor LSP-3977

11. In The Park After Dark
12. Truck Drivin' Woman
13. Woman Hungry
14. Ramblin' Man
15. A Dime At A Time
16. All Of Me Belongs To You
17. Once More I'll Let You In
18. Promises Promises
19. Body And Mind
20. Tippy Toeing
21. I Threw Away The Rose
22. Yesterday All Day Long Today.

RCA Victor LSP-4351

23. Another Man Loved Me Last Night
24. Long Ago Is Gone
25. Somebody's Gonna Plow Your Field
26. I Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You
27. You Wouldn't Know Love
28. You're At Your Best (When You Lie)
29. All I've Got Left
30. Home Made Love