Omni109The Stonemans :
In All Honesty (28 track CD Anthology)
The Stonemans
A "Bluegrass Carter Family" with beads and incense!

With a recorded legacy that predates the Carter Family and a uniqueness that is still unequalled, The Stonemans are both a curiosity and a phenomenon. Ernest V. "Pop" Stoneman appeared out of obscurity in 1924 to release "The Sinking of the Titanic" a disc (78rpm) reputed to have sold over a million copies at the time and certainly the most popular "Hillbilly" record of its era. With a prosperous recording and live performance career throughout the late 1920s "Pop" was to see it all wiped out by The Great Depression and spent the next decades in dire poverty. In the 1960s "Pop" joined with five of his twenty-three (?!?) children to form The Stonemans and they had notable success together until "Pop's" death in 1968. 1969-1970 saw the Stoneman offspring re-group after their great loss and record three fine but much overlooked albums for RCA Victor.
Was it Bluegrass, or was it Country Pop or was it Hippie Folk-Rock? Who cares? What matters most is that it was great, great music! From the melancholy ode to mortality "According To the Plan", to the rollicking race to the gallows "Turner's Turnpike", to the exuberant "Let's Get Together" and numerous other highlights, The Stonemans were never dull and often a gas man!!
With exclusive liner notes, rare photos and recollections from surviving family members, all tracks are lovingly remastered from the original RCA Victor tapes and appear here for the first time on CD!

*Remastered 2007 from the original RCA Victor tapes!
*Deluxe packaging, 24 page full colour booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos and interviews with surviving band/family members etc.
*First time on CD for ALL tracks!

RCA Victor LSP-4343

1. Proud To Be Together (Happy To Be What We Are)
2. Who'll Stop The Rain
3. I'll Be Here In The Morning
4. According To The Plan
5. Hang Them All
6. Colossus
7. Six White Horses
8. Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me)
9. Somebody's Waiting For Me
10. Let's Get Together

RCA Victor LSP-4431

11. California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)
12. Looks Like Baby's Gone
13. Doesn't Anybody Know My Name
14. Jimmy's Thing
15. Railroad Bill
16. Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
17. Shades Of Yesterday
18. Turner's Turnpike

RCA Victor LSP-4264

19. But You Know I Love You
20. Two Kids From Duluth Minnesota
21. What Am I Doing Hanging Round
22. Banjo Signal
23. Weed Out My Badness
24. All The Guys That Turn Me On Turn Me Down
25. Tecumseh Valley
26. Wildwood Flower
27. In The Plan
28. Me And Bobby McGee