Omni104Jimmy Driftwood:
Voice of the People
Jimmy Driftwood
His original 1960's recordings for the Monument Label!

Apocalyptic apes, black magic, inbred families, wiccanism, libertarianism and heartfelt pleas for tolerance and compassion.

These are the wonderful tunes of renowned folklorist Jimmy Driftwood (sometimes known as Jimmie Driftwood). Covered by everybody from Johnny Cash (on his sublime "American Recordings" album) to Johnny Horton (his #1 hit "Battle Of New Orleans") amongst many others; these are his original 1960's recordings for the Monument label. Lovingly remastered and presented here for the first time on CD. Hear the "Hillbilly Alan Lomax" chronicle ritual dismemberment, limbs that communicate from beyond the grave and other charming facets of Arkansas mountain life. An engaging stew of backwoods philosophy, cryptic observations, progressive candour, homespun spirituality and the stirring desire for a better life, these timeless recordings will make you tap your feet as they gently mess with your mind. You have been warned.

The "Hillbilly Alan Lomax!" covered by Johnny Cash and many, many others. First time on CD!
Deluxe collectors 16 page full colour package featuring original LP artwork and exclusive liner notes. All tracks are remastered 2006 from the original master tapes!
Compiled and curated by noted musician (Snog, Soma, Black Lung) and film composer (The Hard Word etc.) David Thrussell.

1. What is the Color of the Soul of a Man?
2. The Voice of the People
3. The Lonesome Ape
4. Standing on the Left Hand Side of God
5. Battle Hymn of Peace
6. My Church
7. Mixed-Up Family
8. I Remember Her Still
9. Straighten Out My Laig
10. (My Mammy's Miss America) My Daddy's Uncle Sam
11. Equality
12. My Get Up and Go Just Got Up and Went
13. Down in the Arkansas
14. Timbercutter's Song
15. Courtin' Song
16. Ozark Bill
17. On the Banks of the Buffalo
18. Beautiful White River Valley
19. In the Ouchita Mountains
20. The Horsetrader's Song
21. Bows and Arrows: Arrows and Bows
22. That's the Way They Do in Arkansas
23. In a Mountain Village
24. The Battle of New Orleans
25. Unfortunate Man
26. Long Chain
27. Tennessee Stud
28. Wilderness Road

Original Monument Stereo Recordings Produced by Fred Foster
Recorded in the Monument Studio, Nashville Tennessee 1963-1966
Tracks 1 - 12 originally appeared on the LP “Voice of the People” 1963
Tracks 13 - 23 originally appeared on the LP “Down in the Arkansas” 1964
Tracks 24- 28 originally appeared on the LP “The Best of Jimmy Driftwood” 1966

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: Richard Grant / I+T=R
Remastered from the original Monument master tapes 2006 by Byron Scullin
Premaster by Sony Music Studios NYC
All titles licensed courtesy of