Omni103Porter Wagoner :
The Rubber Room
Porter Wagoner
The Haunting, Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner 1966-1977

Porter Wagoner is a much misunderstood artist. Singing about the peaks and troughs of the human experience from inside a purple sequinned Nudie suit he has created the most extraordinary catalogue of any country music artist, and quite possibly any popular performer, ever. Don't believe me? Then check out the skull cracking and heart rendering reverberations of The Rubber Room, the troubled soul of George Leroy Chickashea, the desperate howl that is Lonely Coming Down and the seething hurt that is Fairchild. Yet amongst this human train-wreck there are jewels of burning pathos and profound spirituality like Moments of Meditation and Little Boy's Prayer. It is indeed this collision of an image that is at times admittedly pure kitsch, with songs and a delivery that are soul-shakingly sincere, that makes Porter Wagoner perhaps the most compelling recording artist of all time. Still not convinced? Then go now, right now, and listen to The Party by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton.

For the first time the darker, more poetic highlights of Porter Wagoner's astounding career have been compiled with love and care, featuring a slew of tracks never before sighted on CD.

Once you have heard this album you will never be quite the same ever again!

Psychotronic, dark, heartfelt country... with a touch of showbiz! First time on CD!
Deluxe collectors 16 page package featuring original LP artwork and exclusive liner notes. All tracks are remastered 2006 from the original master tapes!
Features a stunning, spine tingling duet with Dolly Parton!
Compiled and curated by noted musician (Snog, Soma, Black Lung) and film composer (The Hard Word etc.) David Thrussell.

1. Out Of The Silence (Came a Song)
2. The Rubber Room
3. George Leroy Chickashea
4. Cassie
5. Fairchild
6. Indian Creek
7. Lonely Comin' Down
8. Bones
9. Jim Johnson
10. Lonelyville
11. My Many Hurried Southern Trips
12. As Simple As I Am
13. Woman Hungry
14. First Mrs Jones
15. The Cold Hard Facts Of Life
16. Shopworn
17. Julie
18. Carroll County Accident
19. Let Me In
20. Wino
21. The Bottom Of The Bottle
22. Nothing Between
23. Crumbs From Another Man's Table
24. He's Alone Again Tonight
25. Life Rides The Train
26. Little Boy's Prayer
27. My Last Two Tens
28. The Party (Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton)
29. Moments of Meditation

Original RCA Victor Stereo/Mono Recordings Produced by Bob Ferguson and Porter Wagoner.
Recorded in RCA's "Nashville Sound" Studio and Fireside Studios, Nashville Tennessee 1966-1977.
Vocal Accompaniment by The Nashville Edition, The Lea Jane Singers, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, Anita Carter, Jan Howard, Norma Jean, Mary E. Greene, Sandy Posey, Dolores D. Edgin, Joe Babcock, June Page and Hurshel Wiginton.

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
Layout and design: Richard Grant / I+T=R
Remastered from the original RCA Victor master tapes 2006 by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios
Premaster by Sony Music Studios NYC
All titles licensed courtesy of