Omni101Henson Cargill:
A Very Well Travelled Man
Henson Cargill
The Best of the Monument Years 1967-1970

Stellar songs, heartfelt performances, the finest Nashville players and the greatest set of tonsils to ever wrap themselves around activist country-pop! Here are the almost forgotten masterpieces of Henson Cargill, sourced directly from the Monument Records vault and presented for the first time on CD. Hear Henson's smooth baritone lambast apathy ("None of My Business"), chide neglectful parenting ("Skip a Rope"), ponder the complexities of love ("Four Shades of Love"), dismiss the space race ("Going Backwards") and name-check Adolph Eichmann and Cecil B. DeMille in one song ("What's my Name?"). If "Wildflower" doesn't move you or "Reprints" make you stop and consider then you are surely made of stone. Zen country music anyone?

Features the 1968 #1 hit "Skip a Rope", six country chart hits and 21 other pieces of lysergic, zen country pop! First time on CD!
Deluxe collectors package featuring rare photos and exclusive liner notes. All tracks are in stereo and remastered 2005 from the original master tapes!
Compiled and curated by noted musician (Snog, Soma, Black Lung) and film composer (The Hard Word etc.) David Thrussell.

1. Reprints (Plastic People)
2. None of My Business
3. Skip a Rope
4. Row Row Row
5. This Generation Shall Not Pass
6. Wildflower
7. Hemphill Kentucky Consolidated Coalmine
8. Tall Oak Tree
9. Johnny One Time
10. What's My Name?
11. Going Backwards
12. Greenback Dollar
13. Four Shades of Love
14. It's Over
15. The Pain Will Go Away
16. Six White Horses
17. She Thinks I'm on that Train
18. Husbands and Wives
19. Coming on Strong
20. With Pen in Hand
21. A Candle for Amy
22. I Wonder Where they'll Sleep Tonight
23. The Most Uncomplicated Goodbye
24. Black Jack County Chain
25. So Many Ways of Saying She's Gone
26. Little Girls and Little Boys
27. Bless 'Em All

Original Recordings Produced by Don Law
Recorded in the Monument and Columbia Studios Nashville 1967-1970
Vocal accompaniment by The Jordanaires

Executive in charge of CD reissue: David Thrussell
I + T = R
Remastered 2005 by Francois Tetaz Premaster by Sony Music Studios NYC