D A V I D  T H R U S S E L L
Bradley Dawson interviews David Thrussell
Premonition Magazine interviews David Thrussell

David Thrussell has been toured Europe, Japan and America with Snog and one of his other projects - Black Lung. He released an album in 2001 of spoken word/soundscape material - "The Voices of Reason". He won the IF Award for Best Soundtrack for his work on the film "Angst" and nominated for Australian Guild of Screen Composers best feature score. Current projects include a remix of U.K techno legend Aphex Twin and a second feature film score.

David Thrussell spoken word/psychotronic album
"The Voices of Reason" out now on ant-zen.
(ant-zen, act 120) 2001
01. The Brilliant Seed
02. The Explorers
03. Humans as Introduced Species
04. It's a Majick, Majick World
05. The Scent
06. Turn Muzak on It's Head
07. Oil
08. The Plastic Wars Part I
09. The Plastic Wars Part II
10. A New Beginning

Confessions of a non-apologist
(Music for film and other media, promo)
(Festival Music Group, Australia)
01. The winged measurer
02. The crumbling land.
03. Attack of the killer pink dildos
04. The human germ
05. Opening
06. Night of the living latte
07. The liquid Atlanteans
08. Break N Enter
09. The grey menace
10. Old Atlantis
11. Return of the daily dread
12. The infernal advocate
13. Grandiose vibe interlude
14. Scientific delirium madness
15. Crimson skies and vapor trails

Angst (The Movie)
(Best Boy Music, Australia) 2000
01. Night of the living latte, David Thrussell
02. Home,
Abi Tucker
03. Late 20th century boy, Snog
04. Arthur's Pizza, Pnau
05. Toaster Junkie, David Thrussell
06. Animal logic, Flux
07. Dawn of the indecypherables, David Thrussell
08. Collaborator, Simon Day
09. Attack of the killer pink dildo, David Thrussell
10. Holybill, Wicked Beat Sound System
11. I funk therefore I am, sonicanimation
12. Embrace, Endorphin
13. Return of the daily dread, David Thrussell
14. Breaking the ant system, Gerling
15. Potato bong, David Thrussell
16. Break and enter, David Thrussell
17. Or maybe not, sonicanimation
18. Sleeping with pure memory, David Thrussell
19. Move you, Abi Tucker
20. Sinister, Wicked Beat Sound System
21. The winged measurer, Soma